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Hot Water System 100% Battery Clean

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Fresh Water

Tel: +855 96 881 7255
Email: washing@ecolaundry.biz

Manual Cleaning at The first Stage

We do manual cleaning to make sure the dust is removed before we put it in our machine

Clean with Hot Water System

We use the up to date machine to make sure your clothes are 100% viruses clean!

High Quality Products

We taking care your clothes by using the highest quality products.

  • 15Kg Up Package

    Special Laundry Package + Delivery

    10% OFF
  • 25Kg Up Package

    Special Laundry Package + Delivery

    20% OFF
  • 1Kg

    Normal Price - Washing and Iron

    USD 1.25
  • 1Set (Shirt & Pant)

    Ironing Only

    USD 0.50
  • 1Set (Shirt & Pant)

    Washing and Iron

    USD 0.75
  • 1Kg 80% Dry

    Washing Only

    USD 0.75
  • 1Kg 100% Dry

    Washing and Dry

    USD 1.00

About Us

Eco Laundry Siem Reap believes in offering the highest quality laundry service available. We provide affordable laundry service that is designed around YOU and YOUR needs. Our processes use specially softened water, high quality soaps and detergent, the latest equipment, computer controlled to ensure a perfect result every time.
Our plan also included community foundation. Every two week we go and collect the dirty clothes from Orphanage Organizations and help them clean their clothes.

Support Us to Allow Us to Continue Our Activities

We do as much as we can!

We do as much as we can to help our community – KSEDO-cambodia kids need help from all of you -KSEDO(Khmer Social Economic Development Organization) has been opened as Children’s Centre in...

Personal Care Siem Reap Laundry

Your clothes will be 100% battery removed with our high end laundry machine, hot water system and high quality products. We will give your clothes the personal care and attention you won’t find ...

Eco-friendly bags – together make it happen!

We know it just a small part and we know it need long time to make our people understand. We are trying to make it happen in one day, we love our country, we love our earth. We introduce Biodegradable...